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We did another project for Asics. For a campaign MAY THE SPRING GIVE YOU SPEED, we created the logo for the Stormer sports shoe, including the key visual

which was approved by the Ascis branch in Europe, based in Italy. The campaign was extremely dynamic and extensive, and demanding, yet highly rewarding.



ASICS is a Japanese athletic company that produces footwear and sports equipment. A majority of their profits come from the sale of sports shoes and their shoes for long distance running in particular

are both popular and award-winning. As an example of the quality reputation of their products, their ASICS Nimbus has received 7 Runner’s World “Editor’s Choice” Awards so far.


Runner's World Crowns Asics Gel-Nimbus 9 "The World's Best Shoe!"



In addition to marketing the brand and product, we also crafted the images that supported the campaign: the icon design of the runners, the typography, the taglines and the infographic. Following the ASICS graphic standard guidelines, we developed this multi-month campaign and actively communicated through a number of different channels. In cooperation with ASICS European headquarters in Italy, all the visual elements of the promotion were approved. The campaign was given a further boost by the well-chosen timing of the launch to coincide with the Belgrade Marathon which takes place every year in April. It was the perfect opportunity to promote this award-winning Nimbus distance running shoe and increase goodwill for the ASICS brand by showing its support for marathon runners.

With the help of Designer & Gentleman ASICS made a huge impact in Serbia and achieved further commercial success.

menandwomen shoe

promotion of new asics shoe

promotion of new asics shoe

A second collaboration with ASICS involved present and promoting another shoe model. The ASICS Stormer, unlike the serious runner’s Nimbus, was designed as an urban model sports shoe for everyday overall fitness. The ASICS brand takes its name from the acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”).

Since 2007 ASICS has been placing a larger amount of emphasis on this original idea. The original phrase has been simplified to the concise slogan “Sound Mind, Sound Body”. With this in mind, Designer & Gentleman worked on marketing this philosophy to consumers through the ASICS Stormer. Following ASICS book of visual standards, we created a logo and graphic to promote this new shoe to the local market.

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stormer logo

Resume of the Asics Stormer project

Resume of the Asics Stormer project

The component parts of this task were the logo creation, construction, shape development, and positioning of the product. In addition we had to make a key visual to anchor the message and devise the print copy which would present the shoe on the market. We crafted a visual identity and as print design was the main

method of market communication at the time, we used print ads, banners, and billboards to put the ASICS Stormer on display for all to see and admire. This project represented the largest campaign ASICS had in that region of Europe and Nikola Vucicevic was honored to be involved in making it a success.