Before seeking the services of Designer and Gentleman, this company based in the Austrian city of Kottingbrunn had become a leader in transporting business. It had already achieved a strong position in the marketplace, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the transport business in Austria. Since its establishment in 1998, with its strong commitment to quality and a professional approach, it had achieved an excellent reputation both in Austria and all over Europe.

Eventually, however, our clients at Rad Transport realized that they could achieve even more if they revitalized the corporate aesthetic and revised business strategy. This is where we entered the scene. Just before they were going to reorganize their business plan and

define a new strategy, they hired Designer & Gentleman to help them advertise their new services and help them illustrate their capabilities to consumers. Their objective was to show potential customers how valuable they could be as a business partner.

Rad Transport recognized that we as a culture cannot imagine today’s modern business environment without fast communication. Sharing information that is relevant for any business and, even more importantly, sharing it quickly is crucial in distinguishing one company above its competitors. For this reason, they sought us out to help them market their services to a customer base that was obsessed with speed.


Our assignment was to help them develop a portfolio image and to sharpen the brand statement. We created a new brand platform that was flexible enough to accommodate any further ideas or future services and inspired by Speed, Professionalism, and Distance. We created Brand Architecture followed by the main logo, a wheel (or “Rad” in German). The capital letter ‘R’ in Rad is formed by roads, streets, and boulevards of an Austrian city as you zoom in on an online maps program. The ‘R’ is laid on a red circle. Then there is a profile of the four main services offered by the company followed by the main tag: “We Do Delivery”. With these elements, we crafted the primary platform for the brand communication.

Vehicle Branding

After visual and verbal identity, with the red ‘R’ and the tagline, we created full corporate commutation and stationary design. This helped to synthesize a unique visual language that helped Rad Transport spread its message and communicate more easily. One of the important steps in our strategy for making the Rad Transport ‘R’ ubiquitous was vehicle branding, an indispensable advertising element for any transport company. More that half of the time the vehicles are on the roads sending a message though whole country. That is what we want to make them unique and easy-recognizable.


Then the main objective was to promote the new logo.
For this we chose to start with the print campaign.
The advertising campaign we developed consisted of three stages of commutation:

The first was the introduction.
The second one established the tone of voice.
The third, and final, showed the spirit of the company.
Each stage of the promotion was unique and essential.

First stage: Introduction

The first stage of the advertising campaign had only one objective: to promote the new logo. Since the offices of Rad Transport were located on the airport, it was important to make something simple and catchy as travelers moving quickly through these spaces do not have time to read or examine detailed images or ads. The new “R” logo was perfectly designed to be easily and instantly recognizable once it was introduced.


In this phase the objective was to communicate the company’s values. We had to develop a tag line which would express both what the company does on a practical level—transportation—as well as what it does on an ideological level—brings people and places together.

The tag line that we wrote was: Everything is Closer With Us. It makes an honest claim to provide transport to the consumers, while also making an emotional appeal to consumers’ need to feel closer to one another.

We use this visual on different elements and different communication channels: print materials, stationary, gift bags, folders, brochures, internet…


Nowadays responsive web promotion is a must. We, at Designer and Gentleman, consider cellphone as a first step in making a strategy for web communication. For this client the goal was to create super fast, easy navigation, and call to action that promotes their main business packages: Time Select, Day Select, World Select and Night Select. The idea was to present in the best possible way philosophy of the company, values, approach and convince the market and future clients, that they are dedicated and professional.

Creating better business plan, copywriting, tariffs, even more flexible services like Hand to hand or home to home, we believe that this company will achieve even higher reputation and make a solid brand position on they market. By making a partnership with one of the biggest global transport companies in the world the DHL, Rad Transport definitely can make an strong impact and earn a trust which is one of the main components in ones brand creation.

Third Stage: Spirit of the company
Ladies and gentleman, we give you: Radman

Rad Transport needed something to symbolize their values in order to communicate with less formal language and get closer to its target audience. In order to share the story of the company in an amusing and distinctive way we created a mascot--Radman. All the passion and cleverness of the company was instilled in this character.

Rad (wheel) Man (human) was first presented in this stage of print campaign and soon after that the magic began. Radman came to life and started exhibiting different hilarious situations and experiences in his ordinary work day. This part of campaign was followed the tag line: Everything is Closer With Us.


This partnership is still in progress. Since we are in charge of delivering different marketing services we are always busy working on something to help them expand their brand. Currently, we are improving the web site and working on a new application which is going to help both sides of the Rad Transport business, the company and costumers, to be more efficient, practical and to achieve better control of their delivery.