Novak Djokovic. Nenad Zimonjic. Ilija Bozoljac. Viktor Troicki. Ana Ivanovic. Jelena Jankovic. Jovana Jaksic. Bojana Jovanovski. All world-renowned professional tennis players. All Serbians, trained in Serbian tennis academies. The skill and success of Serbian tennis players speaks for itself but Designer & Gentleman has been working to help Serbian Tennis Bridge speak to potential clients halfway around the globe.

Founded in 2014, Serbian Tennis Bridge connects junior and professional tennis players in Japan with the top competitive world of European tennis. With bases in Tokyo, Japan and Belgrade, Serbia, the founders of Serbian Tennis Bridge (STB) wanted to share their experience by organizing an academy in Belgrade where kids from Japan can study and train.

In association with the British International School in Belgrade and special training programs on Novak Djokovic Tennis Courts, young Japanese players can simultaneously strive for academic and athletic excellence.

Some of this players have achieved top ratings in their career and some of them were number one in the world. So we can conclude that Serbian tennis academies are probably the best academies in the world. People from Serbian Tennis Bridge also wanted to share their experience and they organize the academy where kids from Japan can strain and study in Belgrade Serbia. In association with British International School in Belgrade and special training programs on Novak Djokovic Tennis Courts young players can adjust and improve their tennis skills while they continue their studies.


We crafted a logo and web design concept for Serbian Tennis Bridge. For the logo, Nikola Vucicevic incorporated the concept of the two nations working together with two tennis rackets with crossed handles and one ball. The color choices communicate the objective of the partnership, gold for the rackets to indicate the highest quality instruction, and a red tennis ball to reproduce the red circle on the Japanese flag, to show that the organization was established to help Japanese players. Two versions of the logo were designed—a primary logo and a badge logo. The logo was designed with multiple possible applications and usages in mind: different media, textures or branding environments.

Their Game is Tennis,
Ours Is Design!

For the website, the primary objective was to build trust and show respect to prospective students. Since the students would be traveling halfway across the globe, the site needed to draw them in, make them feel welcome, and motivate them to trust Serbian Tennis Bridge with their futures. As such, the site was designed in three languages—Serbian, Japanese, and English—to emphasize STB’s openness and student focus, through its user friendly website.

Part of the web promotion was a series of print advertisements that emphasized STB’s passion for tennis and their dedication to teaching tennis which show in their commitment to teaching it anywhere.


The goal was to use communicative, responsive web design, to share the stories of successful student experiences. The site design allowed for the presentation the tennis program, featured the professional histories of the competitive tennis players turned licensed coaches, showed off the facilities, laid out the program of study and benefits of attending a school in Serbia, and included testimonials of current and former students.

Match Ball!

The success of the project was proven as the academy built a strong reputation, earned the trust of prospective students, and was rewarded with a dramatic increase in the number of applicants.