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Nikola Vucicevic

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January 11, 2016

How to Design a Website That’s Both Powerful and Functional

Finding a company that you can trust to build a functional website that’ll also bring you strong business results is no simple task. There’s stiff competition between web design companies and most of them make confusing offers, as well as employ overly complicated methodologies.

Plus even if an organization explains their approach, they often don’t translate into something that caters to a client’s specific business needs. In many cases, they fail to take into account the client’s deadlines, business structure and other factors that make for a successful partnership, as well as a good outcome.

It’s important that before designing a website, a thorough analysis is done to understand all aspects that may impact the finished product. The award-winning team at Designer & Gentleman has built plenty of websites with some consisting of more than 80 pages. And a primary reason why our clients consistently choose us is that we design based on their distinct business needs.

How Does Designer & Gentleman Build So Many High-Quality Websites?

Since some of our clients are in the medical industry, it’s common that they offer a number of different healthcare services. When you consider the need to present web pages that explain various types of possible injuries, conditions and treatment options, this can easily turn into a website in excess of 80 pages.

While the healthcare industry is one area of focus, we’re proud to have created a web design model that’s transferable to many industries. In addition to web design, we have strong in-house capabilities and experience to fulfill your business’ branding, packaging, advertising, including other marketing needs.

Our approach is simple but we look at each situation with a fresh eye!

For instance, if you already own a website, we first look at your site to determine whether a change is really needed. If so, we’ll proceed with getting familiar with your industry and discussing the finer details with you before we move on to design drafts.

It may also be necessary to determine which keywords produce the best organic SEO for your business. In other words, what keywords have the highest relevancy to your organization? This information is important because that’s how you’ll get discovered on the web. So when people search for what you do on search engines, they can be pointed to your business. But that’s not all we do!

We also evaluate how your website ranks among the competition. And share analysis of these elements early on in the process, so that we can optimize marketing to reach your ideal target audience.

Furthermore, since tight deadlines are the norm in our industry, we’ve developed a distinct methodology that enhances communication with our clients and expedites production from inception to completion of your website.

We’ve never been caught up in heavy production and big budgets. Instead, we focus on understanding our clients’ needs, communicating realistic outcomes and producing relevant marketing that results in a strong ROI.

Designer & Gentleman is proud to have received high rankings in the CSS Awards, AWWARDS, CSS Light and others. But aside from our award-winning aesthetics and flawless coding, we gauge our success by how well our clients do in achieving and exceeding their business objectives.

In the simplest terms, your success is our success and our mission is to help you increase awareness of your brand and promote your services or products.

Building a Highly Effective Website in Four Simple Steps

We believe that building your website doesn’t have to be troubling if you follow our logical methodology to produce measurable results in less time.

Here’s how we do it:

Understand Your Business Model and Target Market

We work with you to define the audience you’re targeting on the Internet. One necessity, regardless of your industry is that your prospective customers must be able to locate you from their smartphones.

According to Statista, there are about 237.6 million smartphone users in the United States alone (over 73% of the population) and mobile traffic amounted to 52.64 percent worldwide in 2017. Since most people have become reliant on mobile technology to make buying decisions, we want to ensure that your website is optimized to capture this large audience.

Once you’ve approved an outline defining your business and target market, we’ll move on to the next phase – structure implementation.

Design Your Website Structure, Otherwise Known as The User Experience (UX)

The website structure is a wireframe of each unique page. Creating this simple structure as a starting point allows us to test each part of the site and ensure that all key aspects are working according to our agreed upon vision.

That being noted, our strongest focus is always on the user experience or UX. Great UX is highly correlated with positive business outcomes!

When evaluating the effectiveness of UX, we put ourselves in the user’s position and ask some questions such as is the site logical, practical, appealing and is it easy to navigate? Part of our goal is to make it easy for prospective customers to find what they’re looking for.

After constructing and testing your website’s structure to ensure it’s delivering the best possible UX, we move on to the next phase – user interface.

Determine The Aesthetic Design or User Interface (UI)

A well-designed UI is the second most important criteria for successful web design. It drives the emotions a user will have while interacting with the website. UI encompasses visual and experiential elements such as buttons, icons, graphics, infographics and imagery.

It’s about defining the look and feel of a website on both mobile and non-mobile devices while enforcing certain visual standards to increase the site’s appeal. The goal is to design an interface that’ll produce a specific, desired, emotional outcome from the user.

Once the UI has been reviewed and tested, we move to the last major phase – code the website.

Code Your Website to Function According to All Requirements Defined in The First Three Phases

Typically, Designer & Gentleman will use a test server, which is an unofficial web address used to build the website. After we ensure that all elements are working properly together, we transfer data from the test server to an official web address.

Please keep in mind that during this transition, some elements might not work immediately due to the move from one hosting provider to another. Therefore, we always do a thorough test on the entire site to assure that all buttons and links are working as they should on mobile, including non-mobile devices.

Before you know it, your website’s live and it’ll be time to celebrate a major step towards successfully meeting your defined goals!

Additionally, our relationship doesn’t end after we publish your site, know that we’re here as a partner and resource for your ongoing marketing needs. It’s important to continue promoting your website and we can help with future ventures such as increased SEO returns, Google ads management, promotions and other exciting new ideas. Thereby, keeping your site fresh and prominent on the web!

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