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    12 months

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    Brand Extension
    Image and 3d Production
    Print Production
    Brand Maintenance


Puig is a Spanish fashion and fragrance company founded in 1914 by Antoni Puig i Castelló in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain – and like a true family business, it is still managed by the Puig family to this day. With its staff numbering more than four thousand people worldwide, Puig markets its products in 150 countries and has a direct presence in 29 of them.

Revenue: 2.58 billion EUR (2021)

Puig is one of the key names in three beauty categories – fragrances, makeup, and dermo-cosmetics – working within global brands such as Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Nina Ricci, Prada, and many more. They create unique and highly desirable beauty and fashion brands that empower people to discover and reinforce their confidence, and to find the freedom to express it.


Puig and their well-defined brand identity have been expanding their creative vision for over a hundred years across global markets – and we were thrilled to have an opportunity to take part in these exclusive projects. For our part, Designer & Gentleman was engaged in a promotional and extension campaign for the USA. The preparations for such a huge scale of events took almost a year, most of which we did remotely. While Puig’s headquarters are in Barcelona, their North American HQ is located – unsurprisingly – in Manhattan. What’s more, the printing presses involved in production quality were located in New Jersey and Florida. There were a lot of moving pieces that needed nothing short of stellar dedication and execution.


We started with relatively minor projects, such as stickers for the PoS. Each step was met with success, and once we proved ourselves to this amazing A-lister, we moved on to design event invitations and a whole variety of banners wherever they were needed. Using the pixel-perfect methods, we made sure to create the perfect positioning for all the ad elements that evoke the exact feelings Puig’s brands have been cultivating for years. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

We took great care to present the products in line with Puig’s brand guidelines and vision. We needed to get more than familiar with each of these brand names, their stories, and draw inspiration from how they have communicated with the market for such a long time. With such huge, historic brands, there are years of tradition and innovation to get to know, and this was just one part of the amazing experience we had with Puig.


Working with global brands, we had a crucial task to maintain balance: on the one hand, we had to retain brand consistency that the market is used to, and on the other hand, we had to find a way to adapt the unique, innovative designs to different formats and media.


Innovative Design

There was a part that particularly challenged our creativity and tasked us with something completely new – designing materials for educating the sales representatives.

We already mentioned the sheer number of moving pieces, but we also need to stress the importance of every single one. After all, to keep a brand like Puig running successfully, each and every piece has to be exactly right, and this goes for both their staff and their products. Each perfume has its own carefully crafted personality. It tells its own story with its own voice, at its own pace. It is used in different times of day or even year – and it’s even meant for a specific type of people. In short: it has a unique narrative.

In order to communicate all of this to the employees in charge of selling these luxury products, we created educational materials to help them pass this communication onto the clients themselves. Our presentations included detailed descriptions of the products and the target audience. These proved essential for securing successful sales.


We cooperated with Puig for a whole year, where we created more than 60 key visuals and then adapted them to different formats and media.


Working with Puig has been one of the most rewarding experiences in our company’s career. Creating a brand identity from scratch for start-ups and small businesses is one thing. Working within a global brand’s established framework is another story entirely, which required our skillsets to be used in completely different creative ways.


Finding imaginative solutions and progressive ways of marketing internationally renowned products for Puig was a unique kind of experience.


Puig and all its related brands have years of tradition that we embraced and learned how to share with others throughout the expansion campaign. We had to come up with nothing short of stellar designs that meet the long-upheld quality standards of this luxury brand.


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